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Friday, May 14
Ilia the Second preaches on the necessity to regret and forgive

After the Ascension Day service at Holy Trinity Cathedral Patriarch Ilia the Second congratulated the parish and spoke of the necessity to regret and forgive and the deficit of love and spirituality.

Ilia the Second stated that a deficit of spirituality causes worry and conflict in people. "We must be able to forgive. A believer has to forgive others, but it is necessary to be cleaned from our sins and be humble. People must recognise their sins," the Patriarch stated, noting that "kindness overcomes evil. We must not be afraid in times of trouble." (Interpressnews)

Economic Development Minister visits Israel

Minister of Economic Development of Georgia Zurab Pololikashvili is paying a five-day official visit to Israel. During it he signed an agreement with his Israeli counterpart Yuval Shtainez on the avoidance of double taxation.

The Georgian Minister has already participated in a Georgian-Israel business forum, attended by over 40 local companies. Zurab Pololikashvili has also met the Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Ministers of Tourism and Industry, Labour and Foreign Trade as well as representatives of the private sector.

At present Israel invests half a billion dollars in Georgia. (Prime News)

Vashadze and Semneby discuss Georgia-EU cooperation issues

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze and EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus Peter Semneby discussed Georgia-EU cooperation issues on May 13.

The sides discussed the priority directions of Georgia-EU cooperation. They emphasised with satisfaction the dynamics of the development of relations between the two sides.

At the meeting the sides also focused on issues related to Russia and the current situation in Georgia's occupied territories and underlined the importance of the EUMM's activity and negotiations in Geneva. The also agreed that the forthcoming Georgian local government elections should be fair, unbiased and democratic. (Prime News)

Social Democrats – for Development of Georgia launch public campaign

The Social Democrats – for the Development of Georgia have launched a wide ranging public campaign entitled "Turn war into History", its head Gia Zhorzholiani said at a press conference yesterday.

Zhorzholiani called on the public and political organisations to understand that war has brought all the disasters the country has seen and it is impossible to resolve problems the military way. He added that the movement will hold actions, publish analyses and make statements to help engender anti-war thinking.

The Social Democrats believe that the present acute crisis of government is the result of war. "It is unprecedented for the President to leave the country for two months, and take no part in governing. The President’s absence from this Presidential republic indicates that he doesn’t really exist. He has lost international legitimacy," Zhorzholiani stated. (Interpressnews)

Incessant rain and hail inflict damage on Shida Kartli

Incessant rain and hail have inflicted damage on the Shida Kartli region. A 15-20 minute hailstorm in Gori damaged a block of apartments and caused the collapse of two floors. No one was injured. Governor of Shida Kartli Lado Vardzelashvili promised to render assistance to three families.

The natural disaster has also inflicted damage on the villages of Khidistavi, Bnavisi and Tsedisi in Shida Kartli. Courtyards and agricultural plots are flooded. Locals say the natural disaster has destroyed 30% of their harvest. (Prime News)