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What do you think about the Georgian Patriarchate’s initiative to introduce a law against indecency?

Monday, May 17
“The Georgian Patriarchate has always been neutral. The initiative to introduce a law against indecency will be an important step forward for peace and the unity of the Georgian people, who simply can’t bear any kind of humiliation of their religious feelings.”
Lali, doctor, 45

“There is the only one institution which I deeply trust in Georgia and this is the Patriarchate which is always very particular about the burning issues in our country. No humiliation of any religious or ethnic group can go without a reaction and that’s the main reason for the present confrontation. No to violence but no to humiliation!”
Elene, psychologist, 29

“Unfortunately everything is dealt with through the law in our country as we have forgotten all moral and ethical codes, not to mention the religious feelings of the Georgian people, who have been deeply Orthodox Christian since the 3rd century. I understand the meaning of freedom of expression but my freedom ends where your rights are being violated. That’s why I express the greatest respect for our Patriarchate which is always so careful in its comments on the burning issues for Georgian society.”
Nikoloz, lawyer, 43

“I think that in the modern world nobody, neither the State, nor the Patriarchate, has any right to interfere with the basic freedoms of the people, including freedom of speech. What is indecent in the eyes of the Church might be very decent for me. It will be very hard to draw the line between decent and indecent, I think.”
Giga, student, 23

“I am not sure that the Patriarchate knows exactly what it means. I think that the Church should not be commenting on what kind of legislation to adopt in a secular country. I do not think that this statement will be taken seriously.”
Teo, PR specialist, 27

“I am happy that the Orthodox Church is trying to do something to combat the shameful actions we have been seeing lately. Young people are becoming less interested in spiritual issues. We should do something about this if we do not want the Georgian nation to become extinct. I hope that the Government will listen to the suggestions of the Patriarchate.”
Meri, housewife, 50

"I think the Patriarch’s statement was timely and consider it right. I was really insulted by that book written by a certain Deisadze. No one has the right to insult religious belief. Not only from a religious but from a moral viewpoint this and all similar books will always be unacceptable for me."
Gia, teacher, 41

"I think that there are many talented young people in Georgia and I cannot understand why such depravity was published and presented by one of the leading Georgian universities. Everyone has the right to write what he wants but not everything should be published. I agree with our Patriarch. These kinds of books are very harmful, especially for the young generation, as they might have a very negative influence on their psyches."
Nana, psychologist, 34

"If we talk about democratic Georgia, publishing different kinds of literature should not be strange for us. If you do not want this book and do not agree with it, you can refuse to read it. Everyone has the right to read what he wants and no one pressurises anyone to read this book or that."
Nika, manager, 27