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Do you believe Medvedev when he says that Russia will not use the Sevastopol naval base against its neighbours?

Wednesday, May 19
"I think Medvedev is just kidding. I remember how long the negotiations lasted and how long the naval base would be used for. I doubt whether the Russians just want to go fishing there."
Nika, PR manager, 27

"This question isnít even worth discussing as there can only be one short answer: obviously I donít believe Medvedev. Does anybody remember Russia ever keeping its promises? Why should we rely on it doing so this time and believe that this case will be exceptional and Medvedev will refuse to use the Sevastopol naval base against its neighbours?"
Dimitri, teacher, 54

"In my opinion itís simply ridiculous to believe Medvedevís bogus statements, as to achieve his aims he will stop at nothing and he will not only use the Sevastopol naval base against his neighbors but even atomic bombs if he can."
Guga, sportsman, 27

"Generally nothing is excluded but Russia has always enjoyed our confidence and then done what it wanted, regardless of whether it was breaking its promises. Thatís why itís now difficult for me to believe that Medvedev will keep his promise this time and refuse to use those naval bases against us and his other neighbours."
Elene, nurse, 35

"This is really a very funny statement. It was even funnier when he said that Russia is a peaceful country. No one who has even a little knowledge of Russian history or its activities in the Caucasus will believe it."
Tamuna, student, 22

"I cannot imagine that any Georgian would believe this statement. Perhaps Russia will not dare start another war in Georgia, but this base will be used to control the Caucasus region and execute Russia's brutal plans when needed."
Gia, economist, 42

"I do not know why Russia needs that base, but I am sure that neither Georgians nor any Caucasians will have a happy future in consequence. I believe this base will also damage Ukraine's territorial integrity and it will regret its ďfriendshipĒ with the Russians."
Tornike, historian, 29