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US attempts to reanimate GUAM

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 20
After the victory of president Yanukovich in Ukraine it has become evident that there is a threat of GUAM (which consists of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova) dissolving. It is likely that Ukraine will withdraw from the organization since President Yanukovich has already stated his country must reconsider its membership. So, rather hastily an association of assistance for the countries (the members of the GUAM) has been set up in the United States. It is hoped to attract members of the diasporas of the GAUM countries residing in the US to establish a specialist consultant group. Azerbaijan is active practically in this direction. Representatives from the diasporas of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova in the United States have applied to officials in the USA with a request for help with the organization as if it is not assisted properly it will eventually die.