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Thursday, May 20
Davit Bakradze – 26 May must be Celebrated as Georgian Society Deserves

Chairperson of parliament Davit Bakradze assesses that 26 May – Independence Day of Georgia must be celebrated as Georgian society deserves.

Bakradze told journalists that despite different viewpoints, Georgian Independence Day must be marked by all political parties together with Georgian people.

’26 May is not a day belonging to a particular party; It is a day of the state and we must celebrate it like Georgian state deserves,’ Bakradze explained.

Part of non-parliamentary opposition threatens not to enable the government conduct military parade on 26 May. Though preparation for the 26 May parade starts today at 23:00 on Rustaveli Avenue. (Interpressnews)

Tskhinvali And Abkhazia Regions To Be Mentioned As Georgian Occupied Territories For First Time

In the report on the South Caucasus, the Council of Europe for the first time termed Tskhinvali and Abkhazian regions as "occupied territories" of Georgia.

Georgia's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to CoE and Benelux States, Salome Samadashvili stated about it. As to her the document gives a detailed description of the current situation in Georgia. It is also emphasized, that Georgian territories are “occupied” and the European Union should carry out more pressure on Russia to reach de-occupation of Georgian territories.

"It is important that the report gives an absolutely adequate evaluation of the present situation in the country concerning fulfillment of the ceasefire agreement, and it urges Russia to start fulfillment of its terms. The document underlines that Georgia's territories are occupied and the European Union should carry out more pressure on Russia to reach de-occupation of Georgian territories," - Samadashvili stated.

Acute debates are presumed to be held regarding the term “occupied territories” mentioned in the report.

The European Parliament will discuss issue regarding the Georgia-Russia conflict on May 20. (Prime-News)

Education Minister attended trial testing

Minister of Education and Science, Dimitri Shashkini and Director of National Examination Center, Maia Miminoshvili visited Tbilisi Public School ¹57. Pre-testing among 11th graders is held in this school in order to define minimal competency level for 2011 General Education Exams. By the announcement of Dimitri Shashkini, passing exams in 11-12 classes will give the government guarantee, that schoolchildren will really receive general education at schools. Herewith, schoolchildren attendance will increase and all subjects will become of similar priority.

In order to define minimal competency level for 2011 General Education Exams, 62 schools among 136 were selected according to random selection. Pre-testing will be held in these schools on May 18-21. Around 1500 11th graders and more than 500 subject matter teachers will take participation in it. Schoolchildren will pass testing in all compulsory exams, that are necessary for receiving diploma in the next year. Teachers will also fill special questionnaire.

Minimal competency level in all subjects and diploma giving optimal formula will be defined according to the analyses of the results of pre-tests. Test exercises will be experienced, General Education Exam format will be defined and directions, schoolchildren need assistance will be also identified according to the testing. By the decision of MES, 12th graders will have to pass exams in Georgian Language and Literature, foreign languages, mathematics, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology in order to receive diploma in 2011. (Rustavi 2)

Georgia, France discuss number of issues at Foreign Ministry

Georgian authorities are negotiating with the members of the delegation from the Ministry of Immigration of France. The administration of the State Minister for European Integration has proposed the government of France to simplify the procedures for Georgian citizens to work in France legally.

Kasin Kelal represents French government at these negotiations. The sides are also discussing the appeal of the Georgian government to simplify the procedures, which grant the status of legal resident to Georgian students. (Rustavi 2)

Levan Gachechiladze does not rule out to form a party

The leader of the Movement Protect Georgia, Levan Gachechiladze does not rule out to form his own party if there is a necessity and a request from supporters. Levan Gachechiladze was questioned about the new office, which the movement had hired a few days before. Gachechiladze says the current office was small for the activities of the movement.

`If there is a request from the people and pre-condition for this, we will think about forming a new party, but the issue is not topical now,` Gachechiladze said.

The issue of today`s briefing by the movement was the rallies, which various parties held for the support of illegal prisoners. (Rustavi 2)