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What do you think, is there any need for public polling for the upcoming elections in Georgia and what is the aim of these surveys?

Thursday, May 20
Well, I think that any public polls for upcoming local government elections are useless. In general, I cannot understand why they are needed at all. Everything will be revealed after the elections, I do not believe that all the Georgians who are questioned are telling the truth about for whom they intend to vote.
Levan, archeologist, 42

Public polls are interesting I think, but they are more interesting when equal forces are involved in elections - to clarify which of them might have a bit more chance of winning. At the present moment, in Georgia, holding these polls is useless waste of money and carrying out psychological pressure on voters. All the polls which have been carried out lately are in the interest of the Authority, I suppose.
Magda, sociologist, 35

To my mind, it is one more mechanism for the government for to get desired results in the elections. When all the pre-election surveys say that one of the candidates, I mean governmental candidate Ugulava, has more than 50% support, it may possibly influence oppositional candidates’ voters’ decisions and maybe they will be discouraged and will not participate in the elections at all.
Nona, Teacher, 29

I think that there is, but not in this particular case. But generally it’s interesting to have such surveys every time when we are expecting the elections. The aim is to find out how fair our elections are held.
Nutsa, accountant, 28

“I think either way everything is already clear – the absolute majority in these elections will be for the National Movement candidates. I think that the public polling is aimed at convincing people that the outcome will be in favor of the ruling party.”
Irina, teacher, 36

“Public polls are important but only when they are conducted by a reliable company and not a biased one. I do not think that the polls ordered by pro-governmental TV channels can be objective.”
Dato, engineer, 30

“I do not trust the polls. Although the polls conducted ahead of the elections in Georgia are generally accurate, anyway I think that they are rigged.”
Giorgi, student, 20