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How do you think, has the United States changed its position towards Georgia after 2008 yearís August war, or not?

Friday, May 21
I have no deep connection with the politics but I can see how the situation has changed after Obamaís presidency. The two countries had been somehow close to each other which gave Georgia some hopes to fasten the NATO membership and other related issues but Obamaís policy differs from his predecessors so that the situation seems to have deeply changed.
Davit, doctor, 43

The United States has obviously changed its approach towards Georgia. I definitely think that we donít at all need any countryís support, because we could have lived calm without any problems in our life but itís a matter of a fact that everything has become upside down in our country and I still think it is the fault of the foreign interference in our affairs.
Magda, teacher, 27

Well, I think that based on the present situation, United States is not paying at us as much attention as before and it is obvious for all. May be it is not connected with the August events in Georgia and it is just related with Obamaís different political orientation. Present ruler of America seems to have different aims and attitudes from the former one.
Gia, sociologist, 32

To my mind the United States as well as the European countries got tired with the activities carried out by present Georgian Authority and it is not surprising. When you state that you are doing your best for undertaking democratic reforms and build democratic country and at the same time disturb this process, it imposes disbelief in civilized countries and in their leaderships.
Teona, Economist, 39

America remains as one of the most reliable allies for Georgia, I think. Georgia needs American assistance and the United States also needs ally in Caucasus. At the present moment America is trying to regulate relations with Russia and that is why it is not expressing its support so obviously, I consider.
Tata, Student, 22