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Monday, May 24
Memorandum on media cooperation between Georgian and Iran signed

A new stage in the relationship between Georgia and Iran has started. A memorandum on media cooperation was signed between the two sides in Tbilisi on Sunday. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ramin Mehmanparast and his Georgian counterpart Nino Kalandadze signed the document.

The memorandum is designed to improve cooperation and exchange of information between the two countries. As reported, the visa regime between Georgia and Iran will be abolished in the near future, direct flights will be resumed and an Iranian consulate will open in the city of Batumi in the Adjara region. The Islamic Republic of Iran declares its support for Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

"Georgia is very grateful for the Iranian Government's reasonable policy towards Georgia, in particular, Iran's support of Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty. A new stage of relationship has begun between our countries. We hope these relationships will deepen even more," Nino Kalandadze said.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran supports Georgia's territorial integrity. Deepening relations with Georgia is one of the priorities of Iran's foreign policy. The media can play a very important role in this. Georgia is a significant country in the region. We are ready to use our resources and capacity for development to help our friendly country," Ramin Mehmanparasti said.
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Pro-Mova publishes preliminary report on media monitoring

Ukrainian media monitoring company Pro-Mova has published a preliminary report following its media monitoring during the Georgian elections.

On May 21 the company’s executive partner and OSCE expert Evgeny Glebovizky presented its report, covering the period March 30 to May 21, to the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia. It contains an analysis of free and paid-for political advertisements in all news and political talk shows. Along with three Georgian companies (Prime Time, BCG and IPM), the CEC has invited Ukraine's leading monitoring company to conduct this media monitoring. It will prepare a final report of detailed qualitative and summary quantitative monitoring results.

The monitoring methodology used to compile the report is based on recommendations from international experts and meets international standards. The company is watching all paid-for and free political advertisements broadcast on Rustavi 2, Imedi, Kavkasia, Maestro, First Channel, Second Channel and Adjara.

Georgia Public Organisation officially established in Kiev

The Georgia Public Organisation has been officially established in Kyiv, Ukraine. 26 representatives of 14 regions attended its launch. Georgia's Special and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Ukraine was also there.

The organisation has been founded because representatives of the Georgian Diaspora in Ukraine objected to the forum held by Russia-based Georgian businessman Alexander Ebralidze in St. Petersburg. They also negatively assessed the visits of Georgian opposition leaders (ex-speaker Nino Burjanadze and ex-PM Zurab Noghaideli) to Moscow.

After the launch the first Georgia festival was held in Kyiv. Singers from Tbilisi and Zugdidi participated.
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Military parade rehearsal restricts traffic movement in Tbilisi

Traffic movement was blocked in Rustaveli Avenue, the main thoroughfare of Tbilisi, until 6 a.m. yesterday due to the rehearsal for the military parade to be held on May 26, Independence Day. Soldiers marched for several hours on the central avenue of the capital and military equipment was also deployed there.

The Georgian Air Force rehearsed later. Traffic movement was also restricted in Melikishvili and Leselidze streets.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Georgian Army will review the military parade dedicated to Independence Day on May 26. Citizens will see the new uniforms and military equipment of the Georgian Army at the parade.
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Dmitri Shashkin observes teaching methodology of Batumi State Maritime Academy

Minister of Education and Science Dimitri Shashkin has observed the teaching methodology of Batumi State Maritime Academy on a training ship.

The Service Agency of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia presented the Academy with a training ship in February, 2010. Now it has been refurbished future seafarers attend practical lessons on this ship. 60 students take lessons on the ship at any one time.

After graduating from their six-month course seafarers will receive a so-called Working Diploma from the maritime administration for the first time in maritime history. Graduates of Batumi State Maritime Academy will gain the opportunity to be employed by any leading crew company in the world after receiving the diploma. The global demand for qualified seafarers is large.

Before the training ship was presented graduates of Batumi State Maritime Academy were awarded only education diplomas. They took lessons on different ships. After the global economic crisis many crew companies went bankrupt and therefore the opportunity to receive practical lessons on their ships decreased, a problem resolved by presenting the training ship to the Academy.

Dimitri Shashkin familiarised himself with the teaching process and inspected the devices necessary for sailing the ship. 5,000 Georgian seafarers are employed in leading crew companies throughout the world.