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Do you trust the election promises of politicians?

Monday, May 24
“Promises are usually one thing and their implementation another. I am too confused to have a particular answer to this question nowadays, because the election campaigns offered by all the political bodies look so alike.”
Lali, doctor, 28

“Well actually promises are always complicated, especially those made during an election campaign. What I can say about our political parties is that I can’t trust any of them. I may seem too conservative, but I want my country and my capital to be absolutely Georgian. I liked the old Tbilisi, the style of our streets, the attitude of the people towards one another, etc. What we have nowadays is really attractive but devoid of feeling. People have lost themselves and try to artificially influence each other with words which they may not ever be able to back up.”
Nodar, architect, 56

“I do not trust them, because we have great experience of hearing plenty of promises and seeing almost nothing accomplished in real life. I would like to trust them, but Georgian politicians’ credibility is very low.”
Lado, unemployed, 37

“I can’t say that nothing is done after elections, but I would like to see more progress in my country. I never expect every promise to be fulfilled, but at least half of them should be met.”
Tea, cardiologist, 26

“During the election period I somehow believe in all the promises and I am always very much disappointed afterwards. But the politicians seem so confident about what they say before the elections that it is hard to be suspicious.”
Manana, pensioner, 66

"If I consider some political figure or party is reliable I believe their promises. However these promises should not be unrealistic. It is better to promise less, as if someone is not able to fulfill them if elected their image will be negatively affected."
Tata, economist, 29

"Election promises are not reliable, as during these periods politicians do their best to somehow attract voters and win elections, but afterwards these promises disappear and the poor people are cheated, in general."
Goga, manager, 31

"I think that this Government has managed to keep its promises. They promised permanent electricity, economic advance, paying salaries and pensions on time and the reconstruction of roads and as far as I can see these promises have been fulfilled. I consider the present authorities reliable and I intend to vote for them."
Neli, pensioner, 56