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Tuesday, May 25
President opens Chamber of Control in Kutaisi

The Georgian President attended the opening ceremony of the new head office of the Chamber of Control of Georgia in Irakli Abashidze Street, Kutaisi, yesterday. The idea to move the Chamber of Control from Tbilisi to Kutaisi was voiced by the President last year and over three million GEL has been spent on implementing this project.

Sixty people now work at the office and forty new vacancies will be announced soon. The State Road Department will be located in the same building.

The Georgian President visited several other sites in Kutaisi yesterday, including the Bagrati Church and the neighbouring town of Tskaltubo.
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Road accident results in casualties

Four people have died in one of two road accidents which occurred on the same section of the Kutaisi-Zestaponi highway today. First a minibus and jeep crashed into each other, killing four passengers. Foreigners were among the injured, whom the emergency ambulance hospitalised in Kutaisi.

An hour after the first accident two minibuses crashed into each other, though luckily without casualties this time. The injured passengers were also taken to the Kutaisi medical intervention centre.
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Document forgers arrested

The Investigation Department of the Ministry of Finance has arrested a group of document forgers in Tbilisi and Ozurgeti. Zaza Mukbaniani, Kakha Mukbaniani, Giorgi Barnabishvili, Grigol Matsaberidze, Malkhaz Kitiashvili, Levan Pirtskhalava, Levan Chorgoleishvili, Rezo Chorgoleishvili and Eremi Mujiri were printing counterfeit invoices and bills for money taken individually and jointly.

The investigation found unregistered cash machines and counterfeit seals during a search of the houses of the suspects. The group of counterfeiters printed documents for over one million GEL's worth of products. They may face from 2 to 7 years in jail.
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No official information submitted to Parliament regarding incident involving MP

Parliament has no official information on the incident involving Deputy from Kareli region Emzar Gelashvili, says Khatuna Gogorishvili, Chair of the Procedural Issues Committee of Parliament. Gogorishvili says she was informed about the incident only by the media and consequently canít make any comment.

It has been reported that Emzar Gelashvili shot in the air during a confrontation between Deputy Director of Kareli-Gas Spartak Chochishvili and himself over the voters list. Spartak Chochishvili confirms that this incident took place, saying that Gelashvili threatened him and his relatives with a gun. He alleges that Emzar Gelashvili put the gun to the back of his head and then shot in the air.

Chochishvili says that Emzar Gelashvili was not sober. He confirms that the conflict was linked with the voters list and says there are eyewitnesses.

Georgian emigrants reprimand Government for "irresponsible attitude"

The NGO Georgian Emigrants has reprimanded the government for what it calls its "irresponsible attitude." The organisation held a protest action in front of Parliament yesterday.

Despite promises, the Government pays no attention to Georgians who have returned from emigration, Zviad Kushitashvili, head of the organisation, told Interpressnews. Kushitashvili returned from emigration 7-8 months ago following an appeal by President Saakashvili, but since then he has not been able to find a job.

Apart from employment, Georgian Emigrants have political requests too. The NGO was founded two months ago and has a membership of about 500. The organisation may later turn into a political party, the members say.

Opposition candidate accuses rival of violations

The Alliance for Georgia MP for the Krtsanisi district of Tbilisi, Sopho Khorguani, has called upon the police to investigate the actions of her opponent from the ruling party. Khorguani went round Krtsanisi district yesterday showing journalists places where posters of the ruling party candidate had been stuck on top of her posters. Khorguani said this is illegal and plans to make a complaint, with photos attached, to the Prosecutor's Office.
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Giorgi Baramidze leaves for Poland

Vice Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Baramidze has left for Poland on a working visit with the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt to attend the meeting of EU Eastern Partnership countries' Foreign Ministers in Sopot. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Jalaghania and Deputy State Minister for European Integration, Tamar Beruchashvili are accompanying the Vice PM.

The EU Eastern Partnership poroject involves establishing greater links with six countries of the former USSR - Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Belarus.
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