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In your opinion, how will lifting the visa regime with Iran influence Georgian-US relations?

Tuesday, May 25
“Well I find it hard to give an opinion about this because I am not competent in politics, especially all those games Governments play with one another. Introducing a visa free regime is an interesting step but why with Iran and not a European country? Do we actually have such deep relations with this country I wonder?”
Eka, teacher, 27

“I can’t make a connection between these two issues, I mean Georgia’s cooperation with the US and with Iran. That’s partly because I have no general knowledge of political determinations and thus I can’t assess these steps. But still I think this will definitely influence the US’s attitude towards Georgia and time will reveal the real reasons for establishing a visa-free regime with Iran.”
Dato, musician, 30

"It will have no significant effect on Georgian-United States relations, I think. The only thing which will damage these relations will be if America tries to change its policy towards Russia. If that happens, Obama will have to be indifferent to Georgian issues."
Goga, marketing manager, 29

"It is difficult to say anything beforehand, but I do not think the US will be astonished by this decision. Georgia is an independent country and has the right to conduct its own policy."
Nona, teacher, 31

"It is already a fact that the United States' attitude towards Georgia is not as friendly and loyal as it was during Bush’s period. Obama’s politics is oriented on improving relations with Russia and he avoids making strong statements concerning Georgian-Russian affairs. As for the Iran visa free travel issue, I think it will not lad to any serious changes in US policy towards our country."
Gela, historian, 51

“I was quite surprised to hear this news, to be honest. This move totally contradicts the official statements about Georgia’s Western orientation. I guess the only outcome will be irritation of the US Government.”
Gocha, unemployed, 45

“I have no clue why our Government would want a visa-free regime with Iran. Who benefits from this? I would be happier if they introduced a visa-free regime with the US instead, or at least simplify the procedures.”
Tamta, student, 21

“I think the motive of the decision to implement a non-visa regime with Iran is to hint to the US that it should be more active in supporting Georgia. I can’t find any other explanation for this. But I have no idea what the reaction of the United States could be.”
Dato, historian, 36