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In your opinion how should Georgia’s Independence Day be celebrated?

Thursday, May 27
“I fully approve of all the traditions connected with the celebration of national days, among which Independence Day is one of the most important.”
Merab, sociologist, 46

"I think that it should be celebrated as in earlier years, as I like parades and all the arrangements traditionally made for that day. The parade reflects how the Georgian Army is being trained and what changes are being made in this direction."
Gia, economist, 42

"I think parades and military-type things are not necessary on that day, as they disturb me and create unpleasant emotions in general, I think. May 26 should create only positive feelings in Georgian people, as it is one of the greatest days in our history and we should congratulate one another on it; it should be more a public holiday than a military event."
Nina, musician, 32

"I like the celebrations we have. Some think that they are a Soviet inheritance, but I do not agree. I enjoyed the parade etcetera very much."
Giga, dentist, 29

“Today’s celebration was quite impressive. Our Army and equipment cannot compare to those of big countries, but I think they are good enough. I was proud to see our soldiers on Rustaveli Avenue today.”
Irina, accountant, 36

“When more than 20 percent of our territory is occupied and Russian troops control Georgia's borders I do not think we have anything to celebrate. There is a lot to do before Georgia becomes a truly independent state.”
Vaso, student, 24

“I have heard many of my relatives and friends say that holding a military parade on Independence Day is not relevant. However I disagree. I like the new monument to heroes erected on Hero’s Square. I think citizens of Georgia who fell defending the country should always be remembered and honoured.”
Maka, dentist, 29

“I think Independence Day should not be celebrated since Georgian independence has brought so many wars, conflicts, death etc.”
Ernest, economist, 22

“I have never attended any celebration of Independence Day and I do not have any particular suggestions about how to do it. I think there is a standard format for how to celebrate such a day in all countries. I don’t mind the way it is done in Georgia.” Guga, student, 19