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Do you vote at elections? If not, why not?

Friday, May 28
"I will definitely go to the polls and express my opinion of the candidates on May 26 and contribute to changing the future of my state."
Tamar, lawyer, 24

"I always vote, despite the fact that my legal address is on the other side of the capital. I think its very important for each citizen to express their concerns and make the right choice."
Eka, teacher, 37

"I will go to the elections. I do not suppose that my favourite candidate will win, but I think it is the duty of all Georgians to vote. If the people come out to vote there will be less chance of falsification."
Guram, economist, 34

"I will vote, as I want my chosen candidate and political direction to win these elections and each vote is significant. Some says that they are not interested in politics and therefore their one vote is not important but this is the wrong attitude I think. Whether we like it or not, politics has a very serious influence on our lives and through elections we choose our future."
Nino, teacher, 41

"I have still not decided whether to vote. On the one hand I have lost trust in both the Government and opposition but on the other I do not want someone to use my absence to falsify my vote."
Nino, historian, 54

"I will not vote, as I am not really interested in who will come to power, as it makes no significant difference which party cheats the people. Nothing positive or progressive is expected in the near future and I have a great desire to live abroad in some developed and normal country."
Tea, model, 21

I will go and vote for my favourite candidate. Those who think that his/her vote does not mean anything are wrong. We should vote for our future.
Davit, student, 20

Yes, I will vote, of course I will. I hope that these elections will change Georgia's future.
Diana, musician, 26

I have not decided yet. If I am in Tbilisi on Sunday maybe I will go, but I am not sure. Anyway, we have a good Mayor and let him stay in place.
Nika, sportsman, 23