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Did you vote and did you see any violations taking place?

Monday, May 31
"I voted early in the morning, everything was in order, I did not see anything unacceptable. There were observers at the polling station and they observed the situation very carefully. It was a very peaceful environment."
Nino, teacher, 34

"I do not know whether this can be considered a violation or not. When I and my friend came to vote a woman arrived at the same time and said that she could not see the numbers or the writing well enough and needed someone to help her, so someone went into the booth with her. I voted and waited for my friend. Those two people were in the booth too long I think, nearly ten minutes, and voting does not take so much time."
Gia, engineer, 31

"I did not vote at all, as it serves no purpose. The Government will falsify these elections anyway, and neither the Central Election Commission nor the opposition will stop this happening. Our Government has great experience of falsifying elections."
Tina, unemployed, 41

I did not vote, but I heard about a number of violations on TV. I think it is impossible to hold elections without violations in Georgia.
Maka, accountant, 24

I voted and did not notice anything suspicious. The voting was taking place as it should do. I think that all these claims about violations are opposition attempts to excuse their defeat.
Rati, engineer, 40

I am not experienced enough to notice violations. There were quite a lot of observers at the polling station, who can say if anyone violated the law or not? I went and voted, that is my job, now let others find out if anyone violated any rules or not.
Dato, sportsman, 25

I voted in the early morning and did not notice any kind of violations. There were a few people voting and observers were looking at us. Everything was well organised.
Manana, pensioner, 71

I was not in the voter list and could not vote. I tried to find out why but there were so many people there that I could not wait. They told me it takes time to find out why my name was not in the list so I left it.
Andro, taxi driver, 41