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Now they have lost the election, what should the opposition do next?

Tuesday, June 1
"Well the results were not surprising for me. I support the opposition, but there are many people who have lost trust in the opposition parties, as they have made significant mistakes. I think the opposition parties should evaluate the results and the present situation and adopt some peaceful action plan."
Nikoloz, architect, 41

"The Government claims that these elections were the most transparent and democratic in our history, which is not true; the Government has adopted some new method of falsification and carried it out very successfully. The opposition should try its best to gain public support and replace these people by any means possible."
Nodar, worker, 34

"The opposition could not manage to unite and conduct an active, real and acceptable election campaign, they lost too much time in hesitation which irritated the public. I do not agree with street rallies, everything should be done peacefully. The opposition should think about their mistakes and try to improve them."
Tamar, teacher, 29

“I hope they have enough experience not to start holding protest rallies and crying in the streets. It serves no purpose. They should unite and prepare for the next elections. Separately no opposition party will achieve success.”
Meri, housewife, 52

“They should adjust to Ugulava’s victory and work on a new strategy in order to remove the ruling party. They should gain the trust of the people.”
Beka, student, 20

“They should disappear from Georgian politics. None of their members have enough influence and skill to be a real opposition politician.”
Neli, musician, 26

“They should continue their fight against Saakashvili’s regime and not accept such results. At the next elections they will be more prepared and experienced and will defeat the Government’s candidate. However these elections show that the unification of the opposition is very important because together they will gain more votes, at least in Tbilisi.”
Khatuna, nurse, 38