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How would you assess the election results?

Wednesday, June 2
"I think these results did not surprise anyone. I do not support the present Government, as it has made too many serious mistakes. Perhaps we have some small businesses, permanent electricity, good roads and so on but we have seen negative developments in the most important issues for Georgia. 20% of our country, the most beautiful part, has lost. Our Government states that Russia is our enemy and at the same time it has given all our economic facilities to it. I cannot be satisfied with the results of the elections."
Nodar, analyst, 41

"I think everything was done lawfully, without there being any serious violations, and the results are acceptable for me. Now the Government should try not to make the same mistakes and the opposition should clarify what it wants and how to achieve it."
Nona, manager, 34

"In my opinion the people had no other way to vote, as the opposition did not give people the chance to make some other decision as they conducted mistaken politics and hesitated. People have lost trust in the opposition and their only choice was the Government. The opposition should change it policy and try to unite without holding street rallies. We should be given an opportunity to choose between two equal forces, and only then will the results be acceptable for me."
Tea, historian, 51

"To be absolutely fair I was expecting the results we have just had. I thought for quite a long time about who to vote for and when I made a decision I hoped something might still change in our country. But the opposition is so weak in Georgia that it was clear that Ugulava and other United National Movement representatives would win on May 30."
Lela, musician, 36

"There is always one and the same problem in our country. Elections are won by the ruling party and the opposition only start to unite after they fail. That’s not right – they should negotiate and unite before the poll, encourage their potential voters to support them by talking to them, sharing their problems, etc. I am not an Ugulava supporter but I’ll accept the results of elections just because I’ve got tired with it all."
Akaki, architect, 59

“Overall, I would say that this was the best organised election we have ever had. I never imagined that on the day of the elections it would be so calm in Tbilisi’s streets. This is a very big success for Georgia. I would positively assess both the election and the campaign.”
Merab, teacher, 41

“There were violations, and every observer admitted this. Of course I agree with them. I think the opposition should not accept these results and oppose the authorities but none have done so. That proves that they are not confident in themselves. Poor opposition!”
Nino, student, 23