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Georgian business and Statistical Centre

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, June 3
The Statistical Centre has been functioning as an independent body since February 2010. Before then the equivalent was the part of the Economic Development Ministry.

A special questionnaire for companies has been produced by the Statistical Service which asks questions about the turnover of the company, its income and expenditure, investment level, production and so on. However some private companies are not happy to give this information. More than 8,000 companies are being asked to fill in this questionnaire but more than 150 have refused to do so.

Head of the National Statistical Service Zaza Chelidze says that companies which do not give information refer to commercial confidentiality. He guarantees that the information given will be kept confidential, but businessmen are not satisfied with this answer and think that it is very difficult to preserve confidentiality here in Georgia.

Under new legislation no one is obliged to report to the Statistical Centre, gathering information depends on the goodwill of the companies.