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What do you think should be the first task of newly elected Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava?

Thursday, June 3
"First he should work in the direction of increasing employment, as he promised. Some factories or other institutions should be opened and the unemployment problem ought to be reduced, as it the most significant issues for Tbilisi and for all Georgia."
Giga, economist, 41

"He should fulfill all the promises he made to Tbilisi residents. Now he has a greater responsibility to do this than before, as he is not appointed any longer. I think he is a quite sensible politician and will prove that Tbilisi residents have made the right decision."
Tamar, bank employee, 34

"Cutting electricity and gas tariffs was not promised in Ugulava campaign but this is a very important issue for Tbilisi citizens. I hope Ugulava will work on this and make sure that these extremely high tariffs are reduced, even if only a bit."
Goga, builder, 29

“Communal payments should be reduced, as this will make our lives easier. Gas, water and electricity are extremely expensive.”
Manana, pensioner, 64

“He should formulate heath insurance programmes and resolve employment problems as well. It would also be better to reduce transport fees. 40 tetri for a one way ticket on the bus is too expensive for ordinary Tbilisi citizens.”
Ketevan, housewife, 39

“I think he should create more jobs for students, and some student employment programmes should start functioning. This is really a big problem. I’m graduating from university soon and do not have any idea if I will find an appropriate job.”
Sandro, student, 21

"First of all he should employ people in new jobs and meet students and find out exactly what they want. He must find a way to help the young generation integrate with Europe, obtain good knowledge and then come back to Georgia and sell their knowledge and experience. That would all be really great but unfortunately Ugulava will never take the time to look at things he is not interested in - that is the problem."
Nini, interpreter, 22

"I think there is still much to be done by the Georgian authorities and Ugulava personally because the ruling party claims it can control the situation in Tbilisi by dealing with all the problems the people are facing nowadays. I would therefore appreciate it if they simply started something and finished it."
Irakli, lawyer, 30