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Friday, June 4
Pilot civil defence and safety course underway at schools

Minister of Education and Science Dimitri Shashkin and Ministry of Internal Affairs representative Tamar Belkaia visited the Tsiskari private school in Tbilisi and attended a civil defence and safety lesson. Students of this school will study the history of the Georgian Army, review Georgian armaments and study road safety and civil defence. They will also study first aid.

The Ministry has provided classrooms with the appropriate equipment and illustrations so that the new course can be introduced. It will be piloted in 15 schools in Rustavi, Mtskheta and Tbilisi to begin with. A similar classroom has been opened by Dimitri Shashkin and Minister of Defence Bacho Akhalaia in Mtskheta Public School Number 2. Following analysis of the pilot, a definitive form will be given to the civil defence and safety course and it will be introduced as a compulsory subject from the next academic year.

Representatives of the Ministries of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, Internal Affairs, Defence, Environment Protection and Natural Resources and foreign experts have been involved in the development of the new course, which was initiated by the President of Georgia.

Dimitri Shashkin says that knowledge of elementary self-defence skills and courses of civil defence and safety are very important in a country which faces real danger. (Rustavi 2)

Davit Saganeldize to bring lawsuit over forged election

Member of the Alliance for Georgia Davit Saganelidze won the City Council election in the Vake district of Tbilisi but hundreds of ballots were nullified. He says he won the elections with 2,500 votes, but the National Movement brought in 2,500 rigged ballots from Tskneti.

Davit Saganeldize says that he is obliged to defend his electors’ votes and intends to bring a lawsuit in this regard. He says there were major violations on the day of the elections on basis of which the Alliance for Georgia has filed a lawsuit with the district commission. (Prime News)

International drug cartel members arrested

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia detained Anastasia Zautashvili, Mevlud Svanidze, Roman Musemian, Giorgi Chechelashvili and Tengiz Gurchiani., allegedly members of a drugs cartel, in Kutaisi and Tbilisi on June 2.

It is reported that Nugzar Botchorishvili (born in Georgia in 1968; a citizen of Greece currently residing in Spain) sent scrap metal to the members of the group from Panama, Peru and Colombia. These consignments served as a cover for the enclosed drugs, which were intended for distribution to other international markets. They were shipped to the port of Poti in the name of Roman Musemian, cousin of Anastasia Zautashvili. After receiving further instructions from Botchorishvili by phone Chechelashvili and his friend would put the drugs in the bumper of a vehicle and cross the Georgian-Turkish state border. A different person received the shipment each time.

For each trip the person accompanying Chechelashvili was paid 10,000 USD instead of 10,000 EU; eventually the group decided to get rid of him. The courier then contacted local criminals and asked for assistance. The group then decided to kill the courier.

Following a search 1,700,000 EU was found in the yard of Svanidze’s place of residence. Police also seized 50,000 EU from the house of Anastasia Zautashvili. Nugzar Botchorishvili is in Spain at present. (Rustavi 2)

100kg of heroin found on ship

Heroin has been found on the ship 'Rock of Ages' at Poti Port. Georgian law enforcers found 100 kg of the drug in cargo unloaded from the ship, which was sailing under the flag of Antigua and moored at Poti on May 26. The vessel left Poti on May 28.

The administration of Poti port states that it has no information about the drug smuggling as the operation was carried out by officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the fourth dock of the port. Police arrested the owners of the cargo, but their names have not yet been made public. (Prime News)