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What do you think is the way to encourage small and medium-sized business development in Georgia?

Friday, June 4
"A way always exists, I think, but the important thing is who searches for it and how. At the present moment there is only verbal assistance for business, which means nothing at all. In reality no one from the authorities is taking any real steps to ensure the survival and development of businesses in Georgia."
Gia, farmer, 41

"Certain programmes and action plans need to be drawn up. Each Government tries to use business in Georgia for its own interests, which has an extremely negative influence on it. However, without changes in taxation policy and tax reduction nothing positive is expected in this direction."
Nodar, economist, 34

"The Government should give some benefits to farmers and businessmen, to give them enough motivation to start a business. Serious and very much needed reforms should be carried out in this direction."
Nino, manager, 29

“In my opinion business should develop by itself, without the interference of the Government. The only thing the state should do is refrain from interfering in the development of the business sector too much.”
Maia, journalist, 30

“I think it is very important to have a liberal tax policy in order to give small enterprises a chance to compete and maintain low prices.”
Giga, lawyer, 27

“First of all businessmen themselves should strive to find new ways to market their products and keep up with modern technology and methods. I think Georgian businessmen are still in the Soviet era unfortunately.”
Rezi, student, 24