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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Tuesday, June 8
Inga Grigolia threatens to keep promises

Kviris Palitra reports that the Christian-Democrat Movement's Inga Grigolia has announced that when she takes her seat on Tbilisi City Council she will immediately raise the issue of decreasing utility tariffs.

"We should categorically demand that the Government reduces tariffs. If it doesn’t we will hold street rallies," says Grigolia.

She added that the 11 opposition supporters who have found themselves in City Hall from are far more worthy than the whole National Movement colony. Grigolia is sure that they will fight frantically both from Parliament and the City Council to keep the promises they made to the people. "I give you my word that Samadashvili will soon miss the days when he was on his own in the City Council," states Grigolia.

Khaindrava will support Nino Burjanadze for President

Kviris Palitra writes that member of Defend Georgia Goga Khaindrava thinks that if a Burjanadze-Okruashvili-Gachechiladze alliance is formed it should adopt Nino Burjanadze as its Presidential candidate.

“I think we are in a position when men should make concessions in favour of women. We should come to an agreement to adopt Burjanadze’s candidature," states Khaindrava.

Khaindrava thinks the opposition is disunited and its consolidation is vitally important. He doesn’t agree with those who think that conversations with the Government might bring positive results. “Mass public protest will make the Government hold snap Parliamentary and Presidential elections,” says Khaindrava.

Are Georgian troops in the Truso Gorge?

Versia reports that having entered the Mamisoni mountain chain the Russians will undoubtedly seek to occupy Truso Gorge. Ideologically they are ready for this step as the North Ossetians are always demanding that they regain their “native gorge” for them.

The Georgian Government has finally realised that no one will forgive it if it loses the Truso Gorge as well. That’s why it has decided to deploy troops there, but the Ministry of Defence has neither confirmed nor denied this information, the newspaper says.

“If our Government has really deployed Georgian troops there it has undoubtedly taken a reasonable step. This is necessary if we don’t want to lose this territory without showing resistance to the Russians. Certainly it will now be difficult for Russia to make our forces leave the Gorge as this would be a direct manifestation of its aggression and an attempt to start another war. If this happened the whole European security architecture would be destroyed," says analyst Giorgi Tavdgiridze.

"I have no idea why the Government has made no statement about this but one thing is clear" Truso Gorge must be occupied by the Georgian armed forces, who will defend it from the occupiers’ aggression," concludes Tavdgiridze.