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Why does the EU want to remove its Special Representative from Georgia?

Tuesday, June 8
"I have been wondering for ages why the European countries and the US are interested in helping Georgia build democracy and I think I have found the answer, which I will keep secret for a while. The one thing I can tell you is that Georgia is one of the smallest countries in the world and no wise state will encourage it to act against Russia."
Rusudan, teacher, 39

"As far as I know the European Union wants to withdraw its representation not only from Georgia but from the South Caucasus, which is a very negative thing. It is a sign that Europe is not going to oppose Russia's aggressive plans in the Caucasus region."
Guram, political scientist, 34

"It is very difficult to say. Perhaps the EU has grown tired of the permanent disorder in the country and the unfulfilled promises. All I can say is that this will not be a profitable decision for Georgia."
Lela, economist, 29

"I think everything is part of a global policy. If we look at the present international situation we see nothing positive for us. All the influential countries in the world are trying to improve relations with Russia, and no one will oppose Russia for the sake of Georgia, it is a fact. If the European Union withdraws its representation from Georgia this will be indirect recognition of the Georgian occupied regions."
Gia, sociologist, 51

“Well in my opinion they are very disturbed about us, because there is nothing concrete here and maybe it is not a very normal environment for them.”
Anna, designer, 26

“The only thing I can say is that it will be very bad for Georgia if the EU removes its Special Representative.”
Alexander, student, 27

“According to my information the EU is going remove its Special Representative not only from Georgia but also Moldova. I really do not know why they want to do so, but there is a big danger of further Russian aggression.”
Natalie, lawyer, 36

“I do not know the exact reason, but maybe they do not want problems with Russia and that is why they have decided to remove the Special Representatives. But I hope they will change their opinion and stay in Georgia.”
Neli, housewife, 45