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Chochiev criticises Tbilisi over natural gas supplies

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, June 9
The Georgian side is not going to take real steps to restore the gas supply to the Akhalgori region, Boris Chochiev, the de facto Special Representative in Post Conflict Regulation Issues, said after the meeting with OSCE officials in Geneva. “The OSCE voiced the position of the Georgian side, which is that Tbilisi will resume supplying gas to the Leningori [Akhalghori] region only if Russian soldiers do not use it,” quoted Chochiev as saying.

Chochiev accused Georgia of “hindering the resolution of this issue” and criticised the OSCE representatives for being “partial towards Tbilisi.” “Natural gas flows into Georgia through Russia, and such politicized statements are being made in order to hinder the resolution of this humanitarian issue,” Chochiev noted. “We are an independent state and we do not need to be told whom we should give gas to. We will resolve this issue on our own. Today, once again, we saw the pro-Georgian mood of the OSCE,” he added. Georgian officials have made no comment on this issue so far.

Chochiev’s meeting with the OSCE representatives was held as part of the 11th round of the EU, OSCE and UN-mediated Geneva talks, attended by officials from Georgia, Russia, the US and the de facto Tskhinvali and Sokhumi authorities.