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Cherkez demand restoration of autonomy

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, June 9
The Cherkez (Circassian) patriotic organisation Adige Khase said on June 5 that the Russian Federation should restore the old Cherkez Autonomous Region as a constituent part of the Russian Federation. This region existed as part of the Soviet Union and was the predecessor of the present Karachay-Cherkez Republic.

The original Karachay-Cherkez Autonomous Region, established in 1922, was split into separate Karachay and Cherkez administrative units in 1926. In 1943 Karachay was abolished and its residents deported to Central Asia. In 1957 when they were allowed to return the previous autonomous region was reestablished. Adige Khase Chair Muhamed Cherkezov is demanding that Cherkez autonomy be restored within the borders of this 1957 entity.

Russian Duma representative Pavel Kreshennikov, commenting on this, mentioned that it is unlikely that such a grant of autonomy would be made. He said the issue should be decided by a referendum. He added however that this issue has become acute due to the social problems in the region.