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Where will you spend your summer holidays?

Wednesday, June 9
"I have not decided yet. I prefer to rest at the seaside, as I love the sea and I am looking forward to the day when I pass all my exams and will be free. Last year I went to Batumi, but I was very disappointed by the rainy weather."
Maia, student, 21

"Every year I go to my village in Western Georgia. The fresh air and the situation there have a positive influence on me, and the people are different and very lovely too. Also I do not need to spend a significant sum."
Nika, engineer, 34

"Iím leaving for Turkey this summer with my friends and I can already imagine what a wonderful vacation we will have this year."
Beka, sportsman, 18

"I want to go to Turkey this summer; I am very much interested in the summer situation there. I have saved some money and I hope no problems will be created."
Nino, manager, 29

"I have already planned everything and will spend the holidays by the sea. I think it will be great. I wish to visit Turkey, it is very beautiful there. So in August I am going there."
Nata, student, 25

"Unfortunately I cannot go anywhere this year because I do not have enough money. So I will spend my holidays in hot Tbilisi."
Eka, housewife, 35

"I am going to Sarpi. It is very nice there and it also has very clean water. Most Georgians go to Batumi, but I do not understand why, because Batumi is a very rainy town and I do not like spending days there."
Lika, student, 26

"Well actually this is a question I used to have the same answer to each year but this time Iím thinking of going abroad, for example to France, to enjoy my first real vacation at the sunny seaside full of fun."
Salome, producer, 29

"I dream of MIAMI. I hope Iíll save enough money to spend at least a week there. They say there are wonderful tattoo salons there and Iíll get one as a memory."
Tamta, interpreter, 23