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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Thursday, June 10
Chikovani-Kezerashvili-Arveladze’s company may be building new Parliament

Rezonansi writes that a new Parliament building is already being constructed in Kutaisi at the very spot where the Memorial of Glory once stood. However not one of the bodies involved in this project will give any information about it. No one knows who is funding the new building or how much will be spent on it.

According to unofficial information the building is being constructed by Magi Style, whose owners include Georgian National Communications Commission Chair Irakli Chikovani, ex-Defence Minister Davit Kezerashvili and Media Holding Georgia’s General Director Giorgi Arveladze.

Should Georgia recognise the 'Circassian Genocide'?

In an interview with Akhali Taoba analyst Mamuka Areshidze comments on current moves to obtain recognition of the "Circassian genocide".

“Circassian National Movement representatives believe that the existence of a genocide must be acknowledged but although the Circassian Diaspora (which is very diverse) categorically demands this there are splits and disagreements within this Diaspora. Russia’s special services have bribed all the Diaspora heads. Those living in the existing Circassian republics in Russia don't have a common position: some (mainly youngsters) demand recognition of the genocide but others are prepared to say nothing if the Circassian republic can be united. Others want to gain different benefits from Russia in exchange for not mentioning the genocide.

"As for us, the Georgian Parliament intends to recognise the Circassian genocide and this will damage Russia immensely. But I think it’s not the right step, because we will then have to recognise not only the Circassian but also the Armenian and some other genocides. Otherwise we will find ourselves in a very awkward position,” states Areshidze.

Inga Grigolia: "Snap elections may be held sooner than expected”

Rezonansi reports that Inga Grigolia hopes the City Council will become a springboard for conducting serious political action. Despite the prevailing disappointment and nihilism the opposition now need a new plan and new faces. People must feel that the opposition can force the Government to take decisions.

Grigolia says that having entered the City Council the opposition is in an advantageous position. Now a serious battle will begin between the Government and the opposition parties. “We will forge our alliance, will join nobody else and will co-operate with all the opposition representatives”, states Grigolia.

When asked if snap elections will be held, Grigolia answers: “Our Government’s pointless conduct may really give people the grounds to demand snap elections. We really support the idea that the Government should be removed by elections but when this will take place is difficult to anticipate. But it may happen sooner than expected and snap elections may be called in a year or 6 months time. We are preparing for this anyway," concludes Grigolia.

Driving a car without a seatbelt or while drunk will carry a bigger fine

Rezonansi writes that the fines for driving a car without a seatbelt will be doubled and those for driving while drunk increased considerably under a new bill soon to be discussed in Parliament, which is likely to pass it. New taxes for using the roads will also be levied and related laws will be stiffened.

Under new legislation preventing an official escort from moving will result in loss of license for a year. Residents of foreign countries will be fined 500 lari instead of 300 for this offence unless they have diplomatic immunity.