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What model of governance should Georgia have, Presidential republic, Parliamentary republic or monarchy?

Thursday, June 10
"I think the Presidential model id best, so I agree with the present model, however the President should not be Mikheil Saakashvili. Then everything will be in order."
Gia, unemployed, 31

"The present model should be changed and the country should adopt a Parliamentary model. At the moment the President has unlimited powers, which is not right or profitable for the country. The President must be controlled by Parliament."
Tamar, historian, 41

"In my opinion the most important thing is what kind of politicians the county has. If political leaders are strong and educated, with sufficient diplomatic talent, a country is powerful and influential. It will not bring any positive result at the present moment if Georgia changes its governance model, as this should result from systemic and ideological changes in society. First of all the people should be ready for this kind of change. At present I do not see this in the Georgian people."
Nodar, psychologist, 52

"I think Georgia should continue its course under Presidential governance. This is not the period in which to change to a monarchy but some balance of powers with Parliament is by all means necessary."
Irakli, sociologist, 34

"I can’t contemplate having a monarchy – it has been years since we had one and it has been superceded by more modern models of governance. It is definitely good for the President to share power with Parliament or the Prime Minister but what’s the use of defining a particular model in our country when ruling party representatives all over the country aredoing whatever they like?"
Elene, psychologist, 34

“Georgia is a Presidential republic and I support this mode of governance. I do not want a monarchy at all. This is not the era of kings and queens. Even if we want and king, there is no perfect candidate. Having the royal name Bagrationi does not mean that any Bagrationi is suitable for this post.”
Ninia, student, 23

“I would welcome a Parliamentary model, because this will help our country make appropriate decisions only after thought and discussion. We should not be in the hands of only one man, making unilateral decisions.”
Kakhi, actor, 27