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How well are human rights protected in Georgia?

Wednesday, June 16
"I think human rights are better protected now than they were several years ago, as some effective reforms have been carried out by the present Government in this direction and the positive results are obvious."
Nikoloz, engineer, 31

"It is very difficult for me to say, as I have never been the victim of a human rights abuse, fortunately. I consider that there is no country where not a single human rights violation takes place, but the main thing is to prevent the number of such cases growing and take preventative measures to achieve this."
Nona, teacher, 43

"In the eyes of foreigners, America and Europe, the Georgian authorities are doing their best to protect human rights in Georgia, but in practice this is a big lie. Our rights are not protected. For example I was dismissed from my job because of my age, when I am 51 years old and can do my job excellently. Is this not a human rights violation? "
Giorgi, economist, 51

"To be fair I will say that no rights at all are protected in our country and the number of violations is alarming."
Eka, teacher, 26

“I have never been subject to any kind of human rights violation personally, so it would not be correct to say that human rights are not protected in this country. Neither can I say that they are fully protected however.”
Maka, accountant, 24

“You should see in what kind of conditions the majority of prisoners live and you have the answer to this question. Of course human rights are being violated, however nobody dares talk about this openly.”
Natela, biologist, 56

“It is hard to name any state in which human rights are fully protected, however I think the situation in Georgia is quite dire in this respect. Although on the surface it might seem that we have a democratic state, if you look deeper, you will see that not everything is perfect.”
Gia, economist, 34