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Armenian brandy sales fall in Russia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, June 17
The Yerevan brandy factory plans to decrease its grape purchases by 10% in 2010 compared to last year. Director of the Ararat Yerevan brandy factory Arra Grigorian stated recently that this decision has been made for technical reasons as the factory does not have extra tanks to keep spirits in. Significantly, the company purchases grapes from Armenian farmers only.

It is known that Armenian brandy is very popular in Russia, but in 2010 20% less is being sold than in the period before the world economic crisis. Grigorian states that Armenian brandy sales have fallen largely because consumers prefer cheaper products. The sales of high price brandies have remained constant, but those who once bought lower quality Armenian brandy have started buying cheaper brands instead. High quality Armenian brandy still sells well, but most Russian brandy is half the price of Armenian brandy, therefore Russian consumers prefer it at present.