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What do you think about the garbage, street cleaning and road maintenance situation in Tbilisi?

Thursday, June 17
"What can I say? Significant attention is being paid to these. The roads and streets are clean and there are garbage bins almost everywhere. To my mind the situation has significantly improved over previous years."
Tamar, housewife, 35

"At present Tbilisi looks like some other European cities, with clean roads and lots of beautiful flowers in almost each part of the city. The thing I dislike the most is those posters left behind after the elections, they really are an unpleasant sight. Some decision or law should be made about who must remove them when the elections are over."
Marina, teacher, 25

"There are people who continually blame the authorities for even one piece of paper being dropped in the street, which is not right. I am not a Government supporter and there are many things on which I disagree with them, but the situation in this direction is really satisfactory. People should also realise that it is their city and not drop garbage in an inappropriate place. One thing I would like to see though is different bins for paper and cans, as they have in other civilized countries."
Giorgi, engineer, 41

“Tbilisi is a clean city. Everyone tries not to make it dirty and there are bins all around the streets which remind each of us to put our rubbish in them. As for the roads, I think serious reconstruction work is going on. I live in Saburtalo and the road here used to be terrible, but it was repaired just a month ago.”
Ketevan, teacher, 48

“In central Tbilisi the streets are cleaner but in the suburbs not much attention is paid to yards and streets. It is the same around the big markets. It is horrible and the smell of garbage is awful and quite dangerous for our health, especially in summertime.”
Giga, IT, 27

"Cleanish streets full of people with no jobs and no hope. What is the point of cleaning the streets if people cannot afford to eat? It is immoral to clean the streets for the tourists but not conduct the social programmes which could be conducted with the funds spent on Christmas celebrations, on which more is spent than social programmes according to the Government's own figures."
Slava, consultant, 47