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FDI has not increased

By Messenger Staff
Friday, June 18
In the first quarter of 2010 Georgia received USD 76 million in Foreign Direct Investment. In the same period of last year Georgia received 130 million. At the start of the year the Government made very cheerful prognoses, saying we would receive USD 1.2 billion in FDI. Officials are still optimistic, saying that the slowdown in investments was caused by the May 30 elections, which kept investors on standby, and now the elections are over and it is clear that democratic processes will continue FDI should increase.

However analysts note that those same officials keep talking about a possible threat from Russia. Now the elections are over we have to wait and see which message investors pay greater attention to.

Of the 76 million which entered Georgia in the first quarter 20 million came from Turkey, 19 million from the Czech Republic, 18 million from Egypt and 15 million from Japan. In 2005 Georgia received USD 449 million in FDI, In 2006 1.19 billion, in 2007 2 billion, in 2008 1.5 billion and in 2009 759 million.