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Do you think the ruling National Movement will stay in power for another 10 years?

Friday, June 18
"Well, it depends on several factors. If the present Government starts carrying out some positive projects and makes decisions acceptable to the Georgian people it will be supported. If the opposition do not change their policies and create a strong anti-Government force, the present Government will indeed be able to stay in power for another ten years."
Niko, sociologist, 34

"Our President has stated that he is going to be Prime Minister after his Presidential term expires. After these latest elections the authorities will learn how to falsify ballots to a greater degree and if they manage to do this we will no doubt have the same Government, but perhaps with small personnel changes as their children will be able to take leading posts ten years from now."
Giorgi, writer, 41

"The political situation is any country might change in a minute, so it is difficult to make predictions. I do not suppose that the National Movement will be the leading party for another ten years though, as the latest elections have shown that there are some other political leaders or parties which might become serious opponents of the Government."
Lia, manager, 28

"Oh my God! I have not thought about this. I think we need new faces – that’s how I understand the meaning of change."
Lali, doctor, 25

“That’s not a bad idea. If they have a good programme and strong leadership, why not? But Georgia is not a country where one political group retains power for a long time.”
Vakho, student, 23

“Let’s change the President and choose a more decent and serious one, then I will not have anything against the National Movement.”
Tamar, housewife, 39