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Authorities concerned about decrease in FDI, though optimistic

By Messenger Staff
Monday, June 21
Head of the Georgian investment agency Irakli Matkava has stated that the figure of USD 76 million foreign direct investment in Georgia since the beginning of this year is not good at all. He expressed confidence however that in third and fourth quarters the country will achieve the targeted amount. He believes FDI will start flowing from September.

The dynamics of inflow in recent years do indeed show that at the beginning of every year FDI inflow is rather slow but speeds up later. President of the International Chamber of Commerce in Georgia Fady Asly is also optimistic, suggesting that investments will enter Georgia from China, India and Central Asian countries. He underlined that it is very important for the country to attract small investors, and as many of them as possible, but stated that the Government's FDI target of one billion USD is still quite realistic.