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Monday, June 21
Georgia sends humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

Georgia is sending humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The Department of Emergency Situations of the Georgian Healthcare Ministry has prepared about 25 tonnes of humanitarian cargo under the patronage of the President.

A variety of items of medical equipment and medicines were sent to the city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan on Sunday morning. The remaining cargo will be delivered to the city of Andijan in Uzbekistan. The two countries asked the Georgian Government for assistance three days ago.
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Sudden floods destroy homes in Racha region

Sudden mudflows have destroyed a bridge at the village of Glola in Racha region. Nine homes and several other cottages have been completely destroyed.

Special machinery has been mobilised at the scene and reconstruction work is underway. The Governor of the region and representatives of the Department of Roads of Georgia have also arrived at the scene.

The overflowing rivers are hampering the reinforcement of the dams. The local electricity supply has been restored.
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21 teachers fired in Georgia's occupied region of Abkhazia

21 teachers at a Georgian school have been fired in the Gali district of Georgia`s occupied region of Abkhazia. They were returning after taking a training course in Zugdidi in Georgian-controlled territory when they were detained at the so-called administrative boundary by representatives of the Russian Security Services. They were interrogated for several hours and urged to pay fines. Later they were released.

The representatives of the Russian Security Services forbade them to return to their school on pain of detention.
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Labour, Conservatives urge Tbilisi Mayor`s Office to protect recreation trail

The Georgian Labour Party and Conservative Party object to the construction of a block of apartments at the old hippodrome in the Saburtalo district of Tbilisi. Members of the two parties Lasha Chkhartishvili and Soso Shatberashvili held a special briefing there on Saturday.

The opposition party members said that the construction at the hippodrome should cease in order to maintain one of the green zones of Tbilisi. They appealed to the Tbilisi Mayor`s Office to prevent the destruction of the recreation trail.
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Russian occupiers urge detained Turkish citizens to pay ransom

Some of the Turkish citizens detained in Georgia's occupied region of Abkhazia have been released. One woman and a man have already been transported to Tbilisi. Khatuna Parulava and Erkan Suran were obliged pay USD 500 per person for their release.

The Russian occupiers detained six citizens of Turkey in the town of Gali, accusing them of illegally crossing the so-called administrative boundary of Abkhazia. Khatuna Parulava was born in Sokhumi but later received Turkish citizenship. She had visited the occupied region for the funeral of her relative.

Khatuna Parulava and her husband were released on one condition that they pay USD 1,000 for the release of other hostages within three days. The Turkish citizens were told to pay the money to an influential Abkhaz man, who is a trustee for the Russian occupiers.
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Georgian Government intends developing information technologies

The Cabinet discussed on Friday the Government's draft law on information technology. The Government intends to undertake intensive activities to develop IP technology, giving tax changes to businesspersons and companies working in this field. These companies will be exempt from profit tax.

Government members think that this decision will turn Georgia into an attractive investment zone for large corporations like Microsoft and Google, who could then open their own offices in Georgia.
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