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Who are you supporting in the World Cup?

Monday, June 21
Im for Spain and Brazil. I love both of them. Brazil is legendary at football, however Spanish footballers are brilliant. I hope they will win today.
Beka, student, 22

I support Argentina, not only because it is the strongest team at this World Cup but because I have been supporting this team since childhood. It seems Argentina will take the cup home this year. None of the teams have given as good a performance as Argentina has so far.
Maya, student, 22

I am not a football fan, however I enjoy watching World Cup matches. I do not support big teams like Brazil, Argentina or England. Instead I prefer to follow Chile or Mexico. Lets see if these teams are able to play good quality football.
Tengo, driver, 42

I am quite disappointed in all the famous teams this year, however I hope the real football will start in the next phase. I support England and I am sure we will be the champions of 2010 despite some disappointments during the last game. The big matches are still ahead.
Akaki, lawyer, 28

I am for Spain. They are European champions and I hope this triumph will be repeated in the World Cup. They play the beautiful game and deserve the championship.
Keti, translator, 32

Well I support two teams in this championship, Spain and Brazil; both of them play really amazing football. I do not only mean their skilful footballers, their style of play is really amazing too and I get real pleasure from watching them."
Tamta, manager, 29

"I am an England supporter from childhood and I hope they will succeed in this championship. I hope that very soon Georgia will also take part in the competition and make some advances in this direction."
Luka, economist, 25

No one can express the joy of victory like Italy and Brazil do. Thus I wish them success!!!
Rusudan, teacher, 34

"I dont have a favourite team but I was asked to support Italy so I will try to encourage them."
Gio, economist, 27

"I started supporting Germany in my childhood but changed teams so many times that I got confused in my teens. I have become indifferent to this and just encourage my friends they all support different teams so I just have fun."
Ana, student, 18

"I am a fan of Italy but unfortunately I have less hope in them this year."
Tamta, interpreter, 23