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Which do you think is the genuine opposition party?

Tuesday, June 22
"Actually I have lost confidence in all the opposition representatives due to their confused attitudes towards different things in our country. I really doubt whether we have a genuine opposition and this is alarming."
Niko, musician, 46

"Well I think there are some opposition parties in the country which cannot be considered real opposition; first of all I mean those with seats in Parliament. It is very funny for the Christian Democrats and that party headed by Tortladze to state that they are opposition parties."
Nugzar, economist, 41

"I cannot name only one; there are several parties which can be called genuine opposition. The most genuine is the Labour Party, which has always been against the current authorities. The parties united in the Alliance for Georgia and the Conservatives are also genuine opposition."
Natia, painter, 32

"I always thought that the Labour Party was the only opposition party and it sought to save Georgia from pseudo-opposition ideas, but unfortunately I cant see the same strength in them that I used to. Now I only have confidence in myself."
Irina, pensioner, 67

"If you mean by genuine those with no close connections with the authorities, I can say Labour, although I do not support their ideology. Other genuine opposition parties are those united in the Alliance for Georgia and the National Council, despite their controversial attitudes towards the removal of the present Government. However I exclude Noghaideli, as I do not consider him opposition."
Giorgi, engineer, 29

It might sound a bit odd but I think that the only genuine opposition party in Georgia is the Labour Party. I think all the others serve the interests of Saakashvili and his party.
Keti, housewife, 46

I think all this talk about the opposition supporting Saakashvili is just rumour and nothing else. I think these rumours are being spread to discredit the opposition parties and the opposition leaders.
Eka, lawyer, 23