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Recently more and more oil and gas terminals have appeared at the Georgian Black Sea coast. Do you think they create a threat to the Black sea and its surrounding environment?

Wednesday, June 23
"Definitely all the oil and gas terminals have their purposes and I don’t think the fact that their number is increasing is dangerous if they are used in a proper way."
Beka, architect, 23

"I would welcome the increase in the number of terminals if they belonged to Georgian companies. Unfortunately I am not too familiar with the political and economic policy of our country but I can’t welcome all these foreign companies investing in my homeland. I wish that we Georgians were addressing our national issues ourselves."
Davit, teacher, 47

“This is awful, because the Black Sea has many resorts and of course no one wants to swim in dangerous and dirty water. I think the Government should take appropriate measures to prevent water pollution. Look at Mexico, where BP’s oil has leaked. This is very dangerous.”
Maia, housewife, 42

“Because of the port I never go to Batumi for my holidays because the water is not as clean as in some other towns in Adjara. I prefer Sarpi, where the water is extremely clean and not dangerous. Definitely, the environment is under threat and appropriate measures must be taken as soon as possible.”
Nika, student, 19

"Oil and gas terminals are dangerous in general, as disasters might occur in case of accidents. The main thing is to create a modern protective mechanism and some effective measures should be taken to ensure that the pollution of the Black Sea is avoided."
Gia, engineer, 35

"Well terminals are part of modern life, people need gas and oil and the existence of and increase in the number of terminals is a very usual process. The fact is that the even very modern and developed countries are not secured against terminal accidents, however, the authorities should try to prevent them, as they will create many serious problems for the country."
Nuca, teacher, 29

“This is not an easy question, but it is clear that without the Black Sea ports and terminals and their transfer of oil and other items our economy would be in an extremely bad state. It is not so polluted that tourists are unable to swim there, so do not create panic where there is no need.”
Kakhi, teacher, 51

"Of course this creates danger for the environment, as a small mistake will mean nature is seriously damaged, and it takes too many years to return it to its previous state."
Natela, housewife, 51