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How will the new tax code effect on your family, if the amendments being discussed are adopted?

Thursday, June 24
"Well as far as Iím concerned the changes in the Tax Code may affect the prices of almost everything, but the most burning issue for me is the cost of schools, universities and all the publicly necessary institutions which already pay high taxes and will become even more expensive for the public."
Niko, painter, 44

"This new tax code really frightens me very much, as a possible increase in education fees will really affect my familyís income. An increase of fees is acceptable when there is a normal economic condition in the country, but this cannot be said of Georgia.
Natia, teacher, 51

"I cannot say at the present moment, but based on the discussions I have watched on TV, there are some things in the code I agree with. I think changes in the tax code were needed, however, the authorities are trying to increase fees, which is unacceptable in the present economic situation. As for positive directions, if this code encourages business development and makes tax administration more transparent, I only welcome this."
Zurab, sociologist, 41

"What I can say definitely is that the present authorities do not think about the Georgian peopleís prosperity. They will not make any decision which prevents them putting pressure on the business sector, I am sure of this."
Gia, economist, 49

"As I have no private business it will have no effect on me. As far as I know it's about decreasing the payments of those people who have businesses in Georgia."
Nino, manager, 25

"The new tax code has already aroused so much public interest that I hope none of these dangerous changes will be discussed by the authorities, or otherwise people will become sick of all these brutal changes and do something awful."
Irina, reporter, 27