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Will the Medvedev-Obama negotiations yield some positive results for Georgia?

Friday, June 25
"To be fair I hoped that such negotiations would have been positive for Georgia but I have heard some vague information about the US interest in our country which has surprised me so much that I have lost my trust in the US."
Valeri, lawyer, 26

"Well that’s an issue of what the political authorities call “big policy”, when two interested sides discuss a third. I can’t say anything about any positive effects but I just hope the Obama-Medvedev negotiations will do no harm to our country."
Lela, teacher, 46

“I think some statements will be made but nothing specific. Obama will express his concern at the situation in Georgia’s breakaway regions and Medvedev will say he was defending Russian citizens. All these talks are just a formality, nothing will change in the real world.”
Ilia, unemployed, 43

“It is very hard to predict what the Presidents will talk about, but according to the statements we heard yesterday the meeting should bring some positive results for Georgia. At least the US will once more tell Russia to leave Georgia’s territories.”
Nana, student, 22

“I am quite sceptical about this meeting; I don’t think Obama will make any strict statements. The US will not spoil relations with Russia because of Georgia.”
Giga, lawyer, 30

“Nothing at all… I do not have any hope that they will reach any agreement regarding Georgia and our rebel territories. Obama is a very weak President and not only Georgia’s but America’s hopes are being frustrated by him.”
Keti, student, 20

“I do not have any great hopes, however I am sure the US will try its best to convince Russia not to act against Georgia.”
Lali, babysitter, 29