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What do you think about the Geneva negotiations?

Wednesday, June 30
“Initially it was a good idea to hold the Geneva talks so all sides could meet each other and discuss problematic issues. However those 10 or 11 rounds have shown that there is no use having such meetings because during those two years no agreement, even a small one, has been reached and most probably one will not be reached in future rounds.”
Meri, teacher, 42

“No matter whether there are any results or not, the most important thing is that the negotiations between the conflicting sides should not be stopped. This would give us worse consequences.”
Kakha, dentist, 35

“As far as I know the Abkhazian puppets have left these talks and this has made Tskhinvali take the same step. This is on Russia’s order, and if it happens of course such talks will have no result. In general I think such meetings are very important, moreover the US, EU and UN are also involved in this process and see what is happening in reality and how Russia rules the two puppet regimes.”
Sandro, student, 19

“Everyone knows that no agreement will be reached and accordingly there is no point in our so-called diplomats running off to Geneva every few months. What do they intend to solve? No one will give our territories back and no one will allow our IDPs to return to their homes. If this is impossible to achieve why do they not stop such silly discussions on topics which are not useful for us?”
Magda, IDP from Abkhazia, 49

“I think none of our officials or diplomats should sit in front of Chochiev and people like him and talk about our country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Even my child knows that this will not bring us any results. I think these talks should be stopped and resume when something changes in the relationship between Georgia and Russia.”
Davit, sportsman, 29

“These meetings must continue and all sides should try and do their best to keep all participants there until results are achieved.”
Rezo, accountant, 41

“We need to hold dialogue with either Russia or the separatists. Without dialogue we will be lost. For me any kind of format and meeting which brings those sides together is welcome.”
Nato, shop assistant, 30

"I think that those negotiations are absolutely pointless, as no one is planning to oppose Russia and adopt some anti-Russian resolution. Everything is being decided on the basis of influential countries' interests."
Liana, PR manager, 29

"These negotiations will bring real results only when all the sides sit around the table and talk peacefully. However at the present moment I do not expect something positive to emerge from these negotiations."
Marina, sociologist, 38