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What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Georgia and what do you expect from it?

Thursday, July 1
"I think this is a very important visit, especially at the present moment when there are some hints that the United States has lost interest in Georgia. In my opinion the US will quash these rumours by making this visit."
Gia, psychologist, 46

"It is very nice when such an influential politician as Hilary Clinton visits your country. It is difficult to say now what positives her trips will bring, as each country's leader is primarily trying to serve his state’s interests."
Tamuna, economist, 34

"I think it is very important, as lately foreign leaders' interest in Georgia has increased, but everything depends on Georgia and our internal politics. I am expecting that the United States' interest in Georgia will grow as a result of her visit."
Giga, sociologist, 29

"I have been listening to the latest news about cooperation between the two countries and I just hope that her visit will be beneficial and not dangerous for our citizens, especially in the present state of Russian-Georgian relations."
Eka, housewife, 35

"Foreign relations are very important, whether it is the representative of the US or an African country who is visiting us. I expect nothing important. It’s going to be a round of meetings and discussions, nothing too important I think."
Nino, manager, 25

“In my opinion this is a very important visit not only for Georgia but for the South Caucasus in general. Of course we do not know exactly what she will say, but we can assume that the issues of Georgia’s conflict regions, relations with Russia and Nagorno Karabakh will be touched upon at the meetings. It is very important that high-ranking US officials express their interest in seeing stability in the Caucasus region.”
Ira, teacher, 42

“The US has its own interests in Georgia. I don’t think we should expect any support for free. However it is better to have such a strong supporter as the US, especially when you have Russia as a neighbour.”
Sopo, interpreter, 25

"I’m expecting some real international assistance for my country. If we are not going to get it she shouldn't spend any money coming here."
Temo, journalist, 24