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Friday, July 2
Kvitashvili: construction of new hospitals to be concluded by end of 2011

The construction of new hospitals with modern facilities will be concluded by the end of 2011, Healthcare Minister Alexander Kvitashvili stated at a session of the Parliamentary Committee on Healthcare Issues on July 1.

The Georgian Government developed a new hospital sector development programme in April 2010. 11 insurance companies participating in the programme will be involved in the construction of hospitals throughout Georgia. (Prime News)

Total assets of Georgian commercial banks GEL 8,807.5 million

The total assets of Georgian commercial banks in May 2010 increased by GEL 902 million (that is 1 percent) in comparison with April and amounted to GEL 8,807.5 million.

The National Bank says that the banking sector has ended May in profit, as it did in April. May profit was GEL 4.4 million and the year's profit to date 28.9 million.

The five largest banks’ total share of the assets of the banking sector decreased in May by 0.6% in comparison with April and was 78.4%. (Prime News)

Tbilaviamsheni merges with Defence Ministry

Tbilaviamsheni Ltd has merged with the Ministry of Defence of Georgia, Head of the State Procurement Department of the MoD Revaz Charbadze stated yesterday.

Negotiations on incorporation began after a joint action plan was submitted to the MoD by the company itself. "For us the proposal was quite acceptable as we have worked together for a long time, mainly focusing on purchasing repairs of technical equipment," declared Charbadze. Pantiko Todria, General Director of Tbilaviamsheni, commented that "Our key customer is the MoD and the union of our two entities will be more productive and useful for both sides."

The MoD has officially denied reports released by several news agencies that personnel changes at the Ministry are planned.

Six detained for illegal bookmaking

The police department of the Imereti region has detained six people from Samtredia on charges of illegal bookmaking.

Zaza Mikeladze, Gela Shanidze, Soso Zakareishvili, Giorgi Nikoleishvili, Davit Kikvadze and Otar Saghareishvili, known to locals as so-called `bookmakers`, offered illegal wagers to locals on different games of the World Cup, and therefore a large part of the population was involved in the illegal activity. In most cases the locals incurred material losses, are crimes like robbery and street shoot-outs and serious health problems and suicides have significantly increased in the region as a result.

After searching the detainees` apartments and cars a large amount of cash - USD 7,193 and GEL 9,708 - was seized. (Rustavi 2)

New Ministers at Parliament Bureau session

The new Cabinet Ministers outlined the key priorities of their action plans to senior MPs at the Parliamentary Bureau session yesterday. Vera Kobalia, the new Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development, Ramaz Nikoleishvili, the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development and Lado Vardzelashvili, the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, were nominated by the President last week after the Cabinet reshuffle and changes to the structure of the Government.

Parliament will approve the new candidates at a special session today. They have already unveiled their action plans to members of the ruling party and Parliamentary committees. (Rustavi 2)

Dusheti district suffers

Another mountainous region of Georgia, Dusheti, is feeling the effects of the recent weather. The Gudamakari district remains isolated and still faces the threat of landslides. The weather has damaged a 150-metre section of the highway.

Before beginning road rehabilitation work geologists have explored the area and sent a special report about the state of the ground in the region to relevant offices. If their conclusion is that road rehabilitation work there is dangerous, the Road Department will move the relevant special vehicles to an alternative road.

Meanwhile, over eighteen villages remain isolated from the rest of the region. Locals have to walk or ride to the central regions due to the problems on the roads. (Rustavi 2)

Civil engineer detained for forging graduation diploma

Representatives of the Investigative Department of the Georgian Finance Ministry have detained Avtandil Devdariani, 69, a civil engineer. He, in exchange for USD 500, prepared and handed over a counterfeit agro-engineering graduation diploma claiming to have been issued by the Georgian Agricultural Institute. All information in the diploma was forged.

Law enforcers caught the suspect red-handed. An investigation has already been launched under Article 362 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. If found guilty, the detainee may face a term of imprisonment of about three years. (Rustavi 2)