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What do you think of the Government reshuffle?

Friday, July 2
"I just think that our Government is something like a toy. I appreciate the modern initiatives and reforms of our President but I doubt that it is beneficial for the country to change so many Ministers and Ministries in 9 years."
Marekh, sociologist, 28

"It is very funny, in my opinion. I cannot see any need for this. While they talk about stability in the country Ministries are changed so quickly. The claim of stability is unrealistic and will not convince influential foreign countries."
Giga, financier, 51

"These structural changes have really irritated me. When 28 year old woman comes into Government, especially as Minister of Economics, without any specific knowledge and experience in this field while there are extremely serious economic problems in the country, this cannot be acceptable."
Nuca, manager, 34

"These changes will create additional expense for the state when there is no need of it. Sensible people have said several times that even before these changes the number of Ministries was still too great for a country as small as Georgia, and this reshuffle has added more."
Giorgi, economist, 54

"This will have no positive effect on Georgia and is simply a means of creating jobs for Government supporters. What is more, everyone knows this, including the countries which want to help Georgia but are continually embarrassed by events here."
Slava, consultant, 47