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Karabakh problem resolution options discussed in book

By Messenger Staff
Monday, July 5
On June 28 the book ‘Karabakh Problem Regulation: Voices of Ordinary People’ was launched in Yerevan. Different ideas for resolving the Karabakh conflict are presented in the book, offered by people in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Karabakh itself.

The idea of maintaining the status quo there was supported by 50% of Armenians asked for their opinion. The idea of Karabakh being administered as part of Azerbaijan but with the highest level of autonomy was supported by only 0.2% of Armenians, whereas 58% of Azeris voted for it.

Another option was to create a safety belt around Karabakh controlled by Azerbaijan and postponing the decision on the ultimate status of the territory. 1.2% of Armenians supported this, whereas 32.9 of Azeris voted for it. Another idea was declaring Karabakh an independent republic or incorporating it into Armenia through preserving the Lachin Corridor, with the rest of the currently occupied territories being returned to Azerbaijan.

The people asked were mostly opposed to peacekeeping forces being inroduced in the conflict zone.