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Should a Russian company be allowed to buy the main gas pipeline of Georgia?

Monday, July 5
“While our Government talks about independence we are becoming economically dependent on Russia. I think Saakashvili’s administration is applying double standards. In my opinion it is absolutely inadmissible to sell the main pipeline to a Russian company. It is just a ridiculous idea.”
Irakli, systems engineer, 27

“I think there is nothing wrong with maintaining economic ties with Russia. This will simply be beneficial for Georgians, who suffer unemployment and low salaries. I am absolutely sure that the opposition will start a big propaganda campaign over this issue, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with the idea.”
Tako, unemployed, 35

“I am not sure that this information is reliable, as I don’t think our Government has lost its mind to the extent that it is now planning to sell the main pipeline to Russia. That's totally unbelievable.”
Ia, housewife, 48

"Every day our authorities try to persuade people that our economy is advancing and the Russian Prime Minister is the same as Shah Abbas as both have tried to annihilate the Georgian economy. At the same time they are intending to sell the main pipeline to the Russians. I think you can tell what my opinion of this is."
Giga, sociologist, 38

"Our Government states that Russia is our enemy and is trying to ruin the Georgian nation. If the Russians are our enemies, why do our authorities give our main economic facilities to them? This means that the Georgian Government is the greatest enemy of the Georgian people, not the Russian Government."
Lia, economist, 41

"If our authorities continue to sell the main pipelines, factories and electric power stations to Russia, there will be no need for it to attack Georgia, as it will already be owned by the Russian Government. However a Cold War conducted by economic means does not significantly differ from a real war, I think; in both cases ordinary people are the ones most affected."
Temo, historian, 29