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Armenian General threatens to bomb pipelines

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, July 6
Major-General Arkady Ter-Tadevosian, who took part in the Karabakh war, outlined at a press conference on July 1 his vision of the possible developments if there is a resumption of military hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Major General stated that if war breaks out Azerbaijan would initially have some advantage but later Armenia will. Due to the high morale of the Karabakh army the Azerbaijani forces will retreat and the fighting will continue on Azerbaijani territory. The first task of Armenia should be to attack the gas and oil pipelines, the General said.

The Azeri side has called the statements of the Armenian General a load of rubbish designed to threaten and blackmail the countries involved in energy transportation from the Caspian Basin. These pipelines are not for the use of Azerbaijan only but other countries and the Armenian President will answer these threats, stated Azeri military expert Lieutenant-Colonel Huseir Japarov. Japarov is sure that the Armenian military leadership would not dare attack the oil and gas pipelines precisely because they do not belong to Azerbaijan only. By bombing these pipelines Armenia will turn the rest of the world against it.