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Do you think the radical opposition should have been invited to the meeting with Hillary Clinton?

Tuesday, July 6
"I think the Government of Georgia has been clever enough to prevent that part of the opposition taking any radical steps. Iím sure they would have said lots of things which are dangerous for our Government."
Eka, psychologist, 28

"Clintonís visit was the burning issue of the day but I think it will have no particular importance for our statehood. I feel it was just part of the political games so popular abroad. The only thing I would like to say about it is that the participation of either the radical or moderate opposition has no particular importance."
Erekle, lawyer, 46

"Who divided the opposition into parts I wonder? Being in opposition already means being radically against the Government and I personally think that the Government selecting individuals is just a provocation aimed at splitting the opposition, who are already arguing."
Nino, doctor, 31

"If Clinton wanted to hear the opinions of all political parties in the country the American Embassy should have invited some members of the radical opposition."
Lia, manager, 28

"I think that the American side is not interested in the radical opposition's opinions and that is why members of those parties were not invited to the meeting. I think this was the right decision, as changes should only be made through elections, in my opinion."
Giga, painter, 34

"I am not very aware of political issues, but I think that she should have met representatives of the radical opposition as well, to get a better idea of what is going on in the country."
Natia, student, 21