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What do you think of Vladimir Putin’s statements concerning Hillary Clinton’s visit to Georgia? Will anything change in Georgia-Russia relations following it?

Wednesday, July 7
"I have heard the statements made by different Russian politicians concerning the visit. Some were really harsh, however Putin’s statement was not as strong as I expected and I am surprised. Perhaps I can’t assess the political situation adequately, but I think Russia is ready to cooperate with Georgia."
Nikoloz, engineer, 45

"I think Russia is irritated by Clinton’s Caucasus trip, as Russia considers the Caucasus its sphere of influence and other people being interested in it, especially its main opponent the United States, annoys it. By Clinton making this trip America has confirmed that it is still interested in the Caucasus and Russia will not be allowed to do what it wants here, so I think Russia will now behave more tactfully."
Mzia, manager, 28

"As far as I understand Georgia was just one of the countries Clinton visited during her trip and some of the statements of the authorities seem to be exaggerated. I do not expect any significant change in relations after this visit."
Natia, worker, 34

"I think this visit will not change anything in our relations."
Tamta, interpreter, 23

"The US always takes different approaches to Georgia and Russia and I think Clinton’s visit will complicate relations between the two countries further, but I hope everything will be alright."
Gia, sportsman, 54

"Indeed, Clinton's visit will not affect Russian-Georgian bilateral relations."
Irakli, doctor, 28

"Clinton’s visit to Georgia has not made any change in the relations between Tbilisi and Moscow. Putin did not seem to be very impressed with the statements Clinton made in Tbilisi. Russian officials keep claiming that the August war was started by Georgia and Russia had nothing to do with it.”
Eka, journalist, 30

“It is very important that Hillary Clinton personally visited Tbilisi and showed that the new US administration is as much interested in resolving the Georgian-Russian conflict as the previous one was. I agree with Georgian politicians who say that all fears that the US would sacrifice Georgia’s interests for the reset policy with Russia are misplaced.”
Gocha, sociologist, 28

“We should wait and see what happens. It is too early to draw any conclusions. The real consequences of this visit will become visible later, maybe at the upcoming Geneva talks.”
Giorgi, student, 23