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Caspian nations' naval race

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, July 8
Kazakhstan plans to buy six naval battleships, 3 patrol boats and 3 corvettes by the end of 2010 to control its territorial waters in the Caspian Sea. After this purchase Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan will have approximately the same level of naval forces in the Sea.

Azeri military analyst Janmirza Mirzoev thinks that the Azeri and Kazakh navies should coordinate their efforts to address possible threats. Meanwhile Iran is also increasing its potential in the Caspian Sea by introducing the Jamaran-type vessel.

The Azeri analyst thinks that balance should be achieved between Iran and the rest of the Caspian nations. As is known in 1993 Moscow sold Iran 10 submarines, some of which were deployed in the Caspian Sea. The Azeri expert regards the Kazakh move as timely and correct.