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Monday, July 12
Wolves attack livestock in Samegrelo region villages

Experts presume the appearance of wolves in the villages of the Samegrelo region is connected with the rise in temperature and climate change generally. Wolves have seized about ten head of livestock directly from the yards of local homes in villages in the Khobi and Zugdidi districts.

Locals say that whereas before the wolves only attacked livestock in pasturelands, they are now even approaching homes. Locals have been officially given the right to kill the wolves. Special groups have also been created which are patrolling the villages.

The group members killed a wolf in one of the villages on Sunday. Locals do not let their kids out alone.
(Rustavi 2)

International Monetary Fund to allocate USD 75 million tranche to Georgia

The International Monetary Fund will allocate financial assistance of USD 75 million to Georgia. This decision has been adopted by the board of the organisation. The tranche will be allocated under the anti-crisis programme.

Representatives of the organisation say that the board considered the growth of the economy in Georgia and stressed the significance of speeding up the anti-crisis programme. This is the sixth tranche allocated by the International Monetary Fund to Georgia since September 2008.
(Rustavi 2)

Mother deprived of parental rights in Kakheti Region

Sighnaghi District Court has deprived a mother of her parental rights over her third child. The Kemashvili family in the village of Tsnori is waiting for a court executor to take one-year-old Giorgi to a children's home.

Nino Kemashvili had been trying to get the court`s previous decision reversed and regain Mishiko, 4, and Anna, 6, who were deprived of their mother on the basis of the social agency`s decision. She is retarded and social agents and NGO representatives claim she was beating her children, but neighbours say the contrary.

When making its first decision the court took into consideration the fact that the father of the two children was also retarded. Nino Kemashvili subsequently remarried and gave birth to the third child. She claims she has improved her living conditions, is working and receives social assistance. She is asking for the restoration of her parental rights to all her children.
(Rustavi 2)

Bidzina Kvernadze buried in Didube Pantheon

Composer Bidzina Kvernadze has been buried in the Didube Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures. Before the burial, colleagues and friends of the composer delivered farewell speeches. One of his compositions was performed.

The composer died on 8 July, aged 82, after a long illness.

Ukrainian President’s Administration did not expect Saakashvili's visit

The Administration of the President of Ukraine found out about Saakashvili’s’ visit accidentally, the Ukrainian media says.

Ana German, head of the Administration, was quoted by Life News as saying that, "Saakashvili’s visit to Ukraine was unexpected for the Ukrainian Government’. It was also said that Yanukovich had not sent an invitation to his Georgian counterpart. "However, when a guest comes and wants to congratulate someone on their birthday, he/she should be received. Yanukovich would not violate this ethical norm, especially given the hospitable nature of Ukraine," German said.

Mikheil Saakashvili congratulated Viktor Yanukovich on his 60th birthday on 9 July.